Saturday, August 27, 2011

MS Dhoni needs to be more assertive - Clive Lloyd

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Clive Lloyd had his inputs for one of the most successful captains of India, MS Dhoni. India suffered a thumping 0-4 defeat against England in test series inspite of the fact that India were toppers in test rankings. He is confident that Dhoni can lead back the Indian team to the apex but for that he needs to assertively ask for a team he wants.

Lloyd faced a similar challenge after West Indies won the 1975 World Cup. They suffered a 1-5 test series defeat to Australia. The winning credit for Australia went to the quickies Lillee, Thompson, Walker and Gilmour. Lloyd concluded that if his team has to continue the dominance in world cricket, he has to have similar pacemen in his team. As a result West Indies had quick bowlers like Holding, Croft, Garner and Roberts.

MS Dhoni regained his form but hitting two half centuries in the 3rd test. But the fact can't be denied that excessive load of cricket has badly affected his performance in the recent past. He needs to completely regain his lost form and at the same time he needs to be assertive about the team selection.

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