Tuesday, December 13, 2011

India Vs Australia 2012 - The Best Ever Chance for India

We all know how good is the performance of the Indian cricket team in last two to three years. At the same time we all are aware of the slump in the Australian performance. Name atleast one team that doesn't serve a dream of beating Australia in Australia? They all do that!

India has been one of the unfortunate teams who haven't yet fulfilled this dream. Australian performances have recently observed a lot of crests and troughs. One fine day their performance is inspirational and the other day it is dismal. In the recently concluded test series against New Zealand, Australia suffered a defeat in the last test.

Australia under the captaincy of Michael Clarke is in a transitional phase. We can call it a recovery phase. Teams like India with a strong batting line up can make a mince meat of the opposition. Their last tour to Australia was a very close one if we minus the controversies. The triangular ODI series was clinched by India. And to add to their pleasure, the current Australian team is not that good to match the team they had during India's last tour.

The comparison of Ricky Ponting vs Sachin Tendulkar will be on a rise again. But both of them are in one or the other trouble right now. Ponting is striving to regain his lost form whereas Sachin is in search of his 100th International century. And there can't be a place tougher than Australia to achieve this remarkable feat!

Inspirational Indian skipper MS Dhoni believes they should take the best advantage of the conditions and upstage Australia in their own country. But at the same time he is rightly not ready to take the Aussies lightly. Unlike the tour to England, this time India has enough time for preparations in Australia and MS Dhoni is happy about this fact.

Former Australian players like Gilchrist and Symonds have accepted the fact that this is the best ever opportunity for India to upstage Australia. Whereas Steve Waugh believes the test series will result in the favour of Australia with a score line of 2-1.

The series kicks off with the boxing day test match on 26th December. We can't wait anymore for this face off isn't it? A true thunder - down under! Stay online for live cricket streaming scores.

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