Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Where is Bangladesh Cricket heading towards?

One of the biggest debates in the test cricket world is the test status of Bangladesh. It has been 11 long years now since the time they were awarded test status. If I am not wrong those were Jagmohan Dalmiya's days. Was that to commercialise cricket in one more Asian country or was it really a deserving allocation?

They have played 72 test matches and won just three! Even if this team becomes a strong outfit, atleast couple of next generations would have to toil hard to improve that stats. 62 losses so far! And above all the 3 wins weren't too impressive either. 

Let us talk about the limited version of cricket. They have pulled out rabbits from the hats at times in ODI cricket. They have upsets to their names when they defeated the likes of India, Australia, Pakistan in big tournaments. But how long will they hold on just because of those few notable victories? Recent good performance was a staggering 4-0 win over New Zealand. And can we forget them being bowled out for merely 58 runs against West Indies in World Cup?

Not to stand strong in front of the cricket experts but atleast for the cricket fans out there in Bangladesh, the team needs to provide some inspirational performances in future. It is certainly not that they lack good cricketers. They have abundant talents but they need to convert them into match winners.

Their negative trend continues even in 2011 and on the other hand teams like West Indies or even non test playing countries like Afghanistan, Scotland or Netherlands have played wonderful cricket.

Although this could be a worrying cricket post for Bangladesh but our best wishes are with the young talents in Bangladesh. With hopes and inspirations around, let us see this team rising to the standards and create many more upsets! Stay updated with latest cricket happenings through our live cricket streaming updates and news.

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