Wednesday, May 29, 2013

ICC Champions Trophy 2013 Warm Up Matches Live Score

Champions Trophy Warm Up Cricket Matches

ICC Champions Trophy 2013 is round the corner and all the test cricket playing nations are geared up for the so called 'Mini World Cup' in England. As we all know this would be the last edition of the cherished Champions Trophy, every team would strive hard to have their name on the trophy for one last time. The history of this trophy has been glorious since its inception in 1998. We saw a lot of winners in the tournament which started with a knock out format but took the shape of group format in the later stages.

Before the tournament kicks off, the teams get an opportunity to get settled with the cricketing conditions in England. Hence we will first have a round of warm up matches featuring almost all the teams and big matches. Below mentioned is the schedule for warm up games.

30th May 2013 - Pakistan vs Srilanka
1st June 2013 - India vs Srilanka 
1st June 2013 - Australia vs West Indies
3rd June 2013 - Pakistan vs South Africa
4th June 2013 - India vs Australia
4th June 2013 - Srilanka vs West Indies

We will keep you updated once the trophy begins but all the cricket fans would surely be interested first in the warm up matches as well. Simply because the warm up phase itself has some very big matches such as Pakistan vs South Africa or India vs Australia.

This could be one of the toughest fought Champions Trophy of all times because it is really hard to pick up any favourite team this year. Way each and every team has performed well in last few years, all of them stand with equal chances of winning the Champions Trophy this year.

Apart from England who can certainly enjoy the home advantage, teams like India, South Africa or West Indies or Australia would surely compete well for the trophy. Even Pakistan or Srilanka can come up with surprises.

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