Saturday, May 11, 2013

IPL Super Saturday - Mumbai vs Pune and Hyderabad vs Punjab Live Streaming

IPL 2013 Live Streaming Cricket Match

Every match counts from hereon! Check the IPL Points table below. Teams are literally battling it out to make it to the top four. And today's matches hold a lot of importance for this race of play-offs.

Chennai Super Kings is almost through. Rajasthan Royals has done a good job and there are neck to neck with Mumbai Indians. Royal Challengers Bangalore defeated Delhi Daredevils yesterday to win the fourth place. Hyderabad is very much in contention if they can win few matches from here on. Punjab mathematically still has a chance if they win all their remaining matches. Interesting isn't it? Now its time to preview today's IPL matches

Match 1 - Mumbai Indians vs Pune Warriors

Sahara Stadium in Pune hosts another match and this match has a special importance. Both the teams belong to the same state of Mahashtra and Sachin is loved a lot even in Pune. So the fans would rush to support their home team Pune as well as an opponent player Sachin Tendulkar.

Mumbai Indians with one win here can go upto the seond position as they are already better than Rajasthan in terms of net run rate. A loss here can trigger an alert in the Mumbai's camp for better performances in forthcoming matches. Sachin, Smith, Sharma, Karthik, Pollard, Harbhajan and Johnson are the key performers so far. Malinga isn't so impressive this year but today's match could serve him a great opportunity to get his rhythm back against a rather weak batting line up.

Pune Warriors haven't given too many cheerful moments to their fan. With only two wins this year, the team is already knocked out. But few wins from hereon would provide the fans some memorable moments for IPL 2013. The team would play today to retain some pride. Form-wise and strength-wise, Mumbai Indians look clear winners today.

Match 2 - Kings XI Punjab vs Sunrisers Hyderabad

As per the table shown above, Kings XI Punjab can still reach the play-offs if they win all the matches from hereon and improve their net runrate. On the other hand, Hyderabad is in a better state compared to Punjab with 7 wins out of 12 matches.

A win here for Hyderabad would give tough competition to Mumbai, Bangalore and Rajasthan. That would rather make the IPL course more interesting. It won't be easy for Sunrisers to compete against a better batting line up at Mohali.

Sunrisers Hyderabad have surprised us all with good wins this year but the hard fact is they haven't impressed much with their batting line up. There are hardly few players who have scored better than run a ball. Dhawan and Perera have to life the responsibilities of runs today. They need to post a good total to give Steyn, Mishra and company to bother the likes of Miller, Mandeep Singh, etc. And who can forget the brilliant batting efforts of Miller, Marsh or Mandeep? So picking up a winner upfront isn't easy for this match. 

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